Sunday, 5 February 2012

Busy Busy,,

So it's been manic over at my house. Baby is well on her way to walking, at JUST 9 months, and she doesn't leave me alone for 5 minutes! The house is currently upside with old furniture leaving and new furniture being delivered, and trying to baby proof EVERYTHING! And I seem to be food shopping on a daily basis!

But along with all that, I've managed to fit a lot in recently. I am now showcasing my new pieces at Amaryllis {a cute little art & gift shop in our village} Which I will add, I took my pieces there and within 10minutes of them being there, I sold one of my butterfly design rings, before they even got to the display! So proud : D

I'm also heading over to Exeter when I get chance to show off some pieces in the Quay Tea Rooms. They have just created themselves a little Craft Corner. Looking forward to sharing my passion with even more people! Hopefully pick up some sales too!

And finally, I've found a lovely website called DevonMade, and I am currently working on some Scrabble Tiles to email over to them, along with a short biography for my seller's page. Cant wait! It seems to all be happening at once!

I have to say, starting these scrabble tiles has been so much fun, and I'm totally addicted. This leopard print ring is my favourite, and has proven itself very popular, along with my other animal print tiles. My portfolio of tiles is getting larger by the day. Although I haven't lost my talent for other jewellery making, but it has been put to one side for a while, am tempted to get my beads out again.

Please, if you have any requests/suggestions of what YOU would like to see me add to my tiles, just leave me a message. 


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