Friday, 13 January 2012

'Bang On Trend'

The winner of the giveaway was Caroline. {I used a random number generator to draw the winner} CONGRATULATIONS CAROLINE!! I have emailed you for your address for posting on Monday.

So I'm sat watching my TV, and what a surprise, no matter what extras you pay for, there's never ANYTHING on! I switched over to the music channels, jumping from one to another according to song! The other half hates it  : D

Up comes, CHER LLYOD with SWAGGER JAGGER. Im watching the video getting ready to belt out a few note, and what do I see,,

YES! CHER LLYOD wearing not one but 2 SCRABBLE TILE RINGS!! In her music video SWAGGER JAGGER, she shows off 2 scrabble rings with her initials on. After seeing this, I couldn't just leave it, I had to do some major searching. And I find more celebrities lovin' the SCRABBLE TILE trend.

Here we have PIXIE LOTT in her awesome video TURN IT UP. Showing off her initial SCRABBLE RING. She has been seen numerous times. with various SCRABBLE JEWELLERY. If you search her on google you can see how many different pieces she has worn!

Other celebrities you can see diggin' the SCRABBLE TREND include Jessie J and Peaches Geldof. Go have a look and see if YOU can find anymore.

So grab a piece of FAME with my SCABBLE TILES!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012


To celebrate the NEW business and the fact I have now reached 50 likes on my NEW FB page, I am going to celebrate by hosting a give away. 

I will be giving away this UNIQUE tile. Its retro, flower design is simply stylish, and like my other tiles is made from a wooden scrabble tile, and glazed for a raised glass like finish. Each tile shows the original tile on the reverse side. Due to the size of the bail on the tile, it can easily be removed from the necklace chain, and attached to another chain you have at home {if you wish}.

For a chance to win this original piece of jewellery, just leave your name and email address in a comment below this post. If you do not have a profile on blogger etc, select "anonymous" as your profile. If you do have any problems leaving a comment, please email me at {I havent opened a new business email as yet} 

I will announce the winner, and notify them by email on Thursday 12th January

Good luck! xx 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So after playing around with the scrabble tiles, I decided it was time to buy some artwork. Don't think Ill have the skills or the time to be creating these images any time soon so I have to by them from other talented people on Etsy.

I had to choose something suitable for everyone, something to catch peoples eyes. So I chose a mix of different pattern and styles.

These RETRO patterns are all different, and there are rather a lot of them, so I have made up a few as examples, and the others will be made up upon ordering. 

Both of these tiles are currently available to purchase and will be posted the next day. They are both unique and attractive but not up to every ones taste, so, 

 If requesting a different artwork may require ordering and printing so it can take up to 3-4 days but I can give you an estimated date when you order.

All photos of made up tiles are ACTUAL photographs. On a lot of the American sites that sell similar tiles, are computer generated. My photos are genuine, and haven't been digitally manipulated to look perfect.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


So this is where it all started,, the classic, wooden "old school" scrabble tile. 

To make this necklace, I have used the wooden scrabble tile {imported from the USA}! And created a raised, glass like finish over the top of the pendant. Its a fiddly technique {the glazing part} And you need to be patient when it comes to drying. Patience is something I lack in, but I'm learning to manage! 

Ive used a silver plated ball chain for these necklaces. I think they are a lot more effective {and also they are sooo much easier to put together!} I bought these "made with love" charms so that I could give that extra personal touch to my pieces. They come attactched to the necklace / other item of jewellery, but can easily be  taken off by the customer if they wish.

These necklaces can be made in any letter, and each one comes in a pretty little organza bag. These classic scrabble tile necklaces are £5, plus P&P charges, depending on the size of your order.