Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So after playing around with the scrabble tiles, I decided it was time to buy some artwork. Don't think Ill have the skills or the time to be creating these images any time soon so I have to by them from other talented people on Etsy.

I had to choose something suitable for everyone, something to catch peoples eyes. So I chose a mix of different pattern and styles.

These RETRO patterns are all different, and there are rather a lot of them, so I have made up a few as examples, and the others will be made up upon ordering. 

Both of these tiles are currently available to purchase and will be posted the next day. They are both unique and attractive but not up to every ones taste, so, 

 If requesting a different artwork may require ordering and printing so it can take up to 3-4 days but I can give you an estimated date when you order.

All photos of made up tiles are ACTUAL photographs. On a lot of the American sites that sell similar tiles, are computer generated. My photos are genuine, and haven't been digitally manipulated to look perfect.


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